Complimentary Introduction and Functional Movement Screen

In this session we will start by having a chat to get to know each other a little bit and outline some goals and objectives. Next we'll take a look at limitations and identify the things confronting us and will challenge achieving said goals whether they be diet, injury/medical condition, or lifestyle related. The second part of the session will be the Functional Movement Screen which will establish our baseline for exercise prescription. It will highlight areas that need immediate improvement as well as determine the exercises that you already do well. From all of this information I will best be able to design your perfect program.

Trial Session

In our second session I will have prepared a sample workout based on the information gathered in our Intro to demonstrate how an actual programmed session would look. We would also discuss any areas that need final adjustment before the full program is written. We'll wrap up with my professional recommendation(s) as well as determine the best course forward for training and your overall plan.

Session Packs

All sessions are paid in advance and are good for up to six months from the date of purchase. Reasonable accommodations will be made on a discretionary basis.

Single Session          $70

Block of 5                  $300

Block of 10                 $550

Block of 20                $1000

Program only             $100

Online/Virtual             TBD